The Leadcom AGM –Celebrations for the Lunar New Year and Two Decades of Business

2019-06-14T05:20:34-04:00March 22nd, 2018|

Our Annual General Meeting always provides an opportunity to raise a glass as the business year comes to a close, yet this year marked two reasons to celebrate – two decades of Leadcom Seating and the beginning of the Lunar New Year.

Met with enthusiasm and excitement by our staff, the event began by the leaders of Leadcom taking to the stage to deliver an opening speech – sharing their best wishes for the new year and toasting the past, present and future of Leadcom. Then, with the speeches and toasts complete, we sat down to a feast of food for an evening of dining. Excellent wine was drank, delicious food was devoured, but the best part was perhaps provided by our very own staff – who put on more than ten different kinds of performances. From singing, to dancing and onto witty skits, we laughed, we cheered and we were amazed at the sheer talent of our workforce.

As ever, our AGM provided the perfect platform for communicating with one another, and spending time with Leadcom family and friends.

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