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Superb fire drill at Leadcom factory

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raising the alarm and reducing workplace hazards

On 16th July, all the staff at our factory undertook an important fire drill.

The purpose of this drill was to ensure that everyone at Leadcom knows how to respond as quickly as possible should a fire, smoke, carbon monoxide or other emergency occur at our factory. Like any employer, Leadcom takes the safety and well-being of its employees extremely seriously. While we always have the correct emergency procedures in place, we have always recognised that it is nevertheless vitally important that all workers know how to actually react themselves in the unlikely event of a major emergency.

We all know that during an emergency fire drill it is not only just about the procedures that staff must be made aware of in advance and should be able to follow. We also use this opportunity to once again check that all our equipment is 100% correct and fully-operative and that our appointed first aiders know what to do and how to treat people as quickly as possible.

Our emergency drill showed precisely this to all our staff and how they should respond in the event of an emergency, including fire, injury and also the on-the-spot treatment of injuries.

With around 1000 staff at our factory, the consequences would be very serious if we were not able to evacuate quickly should a fire ever occur. This drill demonstrated how Leadcom, when it comes to attentive care and protectiveness of staff and visitors alike, is a wholly responsible employer and is always prepared for any eventuality.

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