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The Leadcom Office Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival in Lunar – August 15th

A positive working atmosphere and healthy corporate culture underlines all that we do at Leadcom, central to which are seasonal celebrations that we embrace and enjoy as our teams take time out from their days.

On August 15th, we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival in Lunar. Symbolizing reunion and harvest, each year we mark this important date on the Chinese calendar with an office celebration.

Among the hive of activities taking place this year was a challenging lantern riddle contest, with the best riddle-solvers earning rewards.

We ended the day with conversation and celebration over a banquet.

Leadcom Seating at Worlddidac Asia 2018

10th – 12th October – Bangkok, ThailandOver the course of fifteen years, the Worlddidac exhibition has flourished to become a landmark event in the teaching aid industry in Southeast Asia. Renowned as a platform for sharing the latest technologies, partnerships, unconventional best practices and policies, Worlddidac now attracts 10 ASEAN.

Held every two years, this exhibition is hosted by the World Federation of Teaching Tools (Worlddidac).

Among exhibitors, Leadcom included, Worlddidac holds an esteemed reputation for high quality information, world class resources and polished professionalism.

As an outstanding supplier of public seating solutions, Leadcom Seating is a natural fit for Worlddidac,

Our stand this year incorporated an array of products – most of which were focused on the education industry, showcasing solutions from Leadcom’s auditorium seating, fixed row seating and collaborative seating ranges.

As you’ll see from our photo gallery, the event was a resounding success, with many delegates testing our products for themselves and engaging with our event team.

Alhajreen Compound Cinema

Saudi Arabia

With cool blue LED lighting, subtle spotlights and muted, wood accented décor, it’s fair to say that the Alhajreen Compound Cinema, in Saudi Arabia, is defined by contemporary style.For this venue of 79 seats, the distinctive Emblem LS-15606 seamlessly blended in. Patrons of the cinema now enjoy a homelike theater-level experience, with the luxurious headrest and Grand European-style cupholder armrest making their viewing even more pleasurable.


A masterclass in student comfort

Dalhousie University, Canada

With more than 18,000 students, the lecture halls of Dalhousie University are among the busiest in Canada; the seating solutions within them must stand up to heavy traffic and a tough everyday life, while still providing comfort and function for learning.

Offering comfort, quick assembly and steadfast durability the Performer model was the optimal choice for this education-based project of 487 seats.

The Performer model was teamed with black plastic end panels, wooden armrest caps, and the writing tablet – providing a sturdy, swivel-in desk for students’ use during their lectures.

The project was completed with LED aisle lighting, to guide learners to their seats when the hall lights are dimmed.

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