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Leadcom Newsletter – June

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June 2nd – 6th

Our annual team trip to celebrate the continuing success of Leadcom’s sales performance saw us heading off to Hangzhou and Anhui province in China for five days. This 5 days trip was definitely wonderful and surprised.Together we visited Southern Song Imperial Street – this famous street is not just a commercial tourist attraction, but also demonstrates historical and legendary relics from ancient times.Thousand Island Lake (there are actually 1078 islands!) is a beautiful man-made lake located in Chun’an County, Zhejiang, China. We enjoyed a cruise, taking in the wonderful scenery. We were then taken by gondola to observe the magnificent lake panorama. Thousand Island Lake was formed following the completion of the Xin’an River hydroelectric station in 1959.

Huangshan is known as ‘the loveliest mountain of China’ and has been seen in art and literature during a much of Chinese history. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.We took some five to six hours to reach the Three Peaks to view the magnificent scenery of granite peaks and rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds. The scenery from the top is wonderful. Unfortunately, it started to rain as we descended the mountain, but the Leadcom team spirit prevailed as we helped and cared for one other. This was the most unforgettable day!

Leadcom seating

The ideal large school seating solution
NH School, USA

The NH School in USA needed to fit out a large auditorium of 605 seats. Having discussed their requirements with the team at Leadcom, the school chose the Performer LS-13601NC as the perfect option to suit their needs. This competitively value-priced model to the Leadcom auditorium range nevertheless delivers an extremely high standard of comfort. It provides for quick assembly and installation for minimal disruption to the High School.

Performer, with its quality polypropylene back and seat-pan with dual-spring mechanism is very easy to maintain and is makes it very convenient to clean between the seat rows when required. And it’s all at a very competitive price.

It proved for the school to be the ideal choice that has been built on Leadcom’s rock-solid performance for auditoriums.


Helping to create the superlative cinematic experience

Cinedom, Cologne, Germany

The imposing Cinedom multiplex is located in Cologne, Germany. Designed by prominent German-Canadian architect Eberhard Zeidler, it opened in 1991. His dome-shaped design gives the cinema its name.

Cinedom contacted Leadcom for the fitting of 442 seats. Requiring, as they did, cinematic luxury for their patrons, they chose Maestro, the high-quality, classically styled model from Leadcom. With its unparalleled luxury, chaise-style footrest, powered adjustable headrest and built-in cup-holder, Cinedom thought it would be the perfect seat to elevate their cinema-goers seating experience. The high-quality wood frame and fully upholstered outer-back ensures lasting strength, durability and low maintenance requirements. And those who have to clean up after a film will also appreciate how convenient it is to do so.

CINEDOM cologne
Exhibition success at the 28th Annual CineEurope

Leadcom Seating enjoyed a very successful exhibition at the 28th Annual CineEurope show held in the Centre Convencions Internacional in Barcelona in mid-June.

We exibited our range of highest-quality and comfort cinema and VIP recliner seating and were delighted with the interest we received. We demonstrated seating across the range from our more traditional fixed and swing back ranges to our full rocker. There was particular interest in our VIP seating, more so than ever now that blockbuster films are stretching to two hours or more. We are being told that theatre goers are constantly seeking better comfort and facilities with an overall improved cinematic experience and we are finding that owners and managers are responding accordingly.

Leadcom also created quite a buzz with our innovative industry-first “sweep-cleaning” system. This allows service staff in cinemas to clean an entire row of reclining seats at one time with just the push of a button (recliners used to take more time to clean than other seating because they needed to be opened and closed individually).

It was a very relaxed environment and we were able to speak with and help visitors who were either considering upgrading their existing theatres or building from new.


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