Leadcom’s New Year Party…A time to celebrate and give our thanks

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Leadcom’s New Year Party…

A time to celebrate and give our thanks

Each year we look back over the past 12 months, as well as forwards to the coming year, which always gives us time to celebrate our achievements, as well as our hopes of what’s to come.



At the turn of 2018/2019, there was plenty of reason to celebrate, and over the course of an afternoon, our International Business teams gathered together to eat cake and raise a glass to everything they’ve worked so hard towards. The cakes were lit up with candles that represented our impressive annual sales in overseas markets last year of $100 million.


As the team that acts as the driving force behind our sales and growth, each team in our department had a group photo taken to serve as a keepsake to remind us that Leadcom would be unable to achieve all that we do without our teams.

Sharing this special occasion with us was our sales director, who took an individual photo of all who attended. Our party guests then chose a picture from the pile of photos at random, and wrote a message of best wishes on the back, before they were all returned to whom they belonged. This small gesture of gratitude to one another reflects the happy family ethos that Leadcom is so well-known for.


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