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Leadcom Seating leads the way in market share, technological innovation and quality

Leadcom Seating is proud to announce our place amongst the best companies in Foshan, as chosen by the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision of Foshan City.

Alongside 35 other companies, Leadcom was selected with three factors in mind: market share, technological innovation and quality.

The requirements in each of these areas are incredibly demanding, which makes this achievement all the more remarkable. In terms of market share, featuring in this list requires that the company holds a top 10 market share in China, or have a product that occupies a top 5 market share. We’re honored to say that we not only met the necessary one requirement of the two, but instead met both. More



Leadcom comfort in the Middle East

An all-time best-seller, the superior comfort and classic style of the Louisville model today provides form and function for the Mishor Adomim Industrial Park. Featuring a wooden outerback, seat pan and arms, all 260 seats that were required for this project are incredibly easy to clean, repair and maintain; while the ergonomic cushion, complete with contoured lumbar support, offers exceptional seating comfort.



A VIP project for a stylish, boutique cinema

As an independent 5-screen venue, the Ritz Multiplex cinema sets itself apart from chain-cinemas by being distinctive. A critical part of the experience they offer to audiences lies in the luxurious experience of their seating.

For the unique demands of this project, it was the Millennium that was chosen for the task of seating audience members in the lavish VIP sections, while the Venus was the clear choice for the seating in the standard area.

Featuring the three-pillow back and swivel tray option, the 42 VIP recliners will provide for years of enhanced movie viewing pleasure, while the 210 Venus seats provided contemporary style and comfort, at a cost-effective price point.


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