Thank you for being there with us at CIFF Shanghai

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Thank you for being there with us at CIFF Shanghai

2019-06-14T05:18:55-04:00October 16th, 2018|

After two decades of events, CIFF 2018 was the most impressive yet, and this year marked the same milestone for Leadcom – the year in which we celebrated 20 years in business.Over the years we’ve grown and reacted to what the industry demands. In YEAR, we created a dedicated brand for making your world of work a better place…

That brand is Lifan. Lifan showcases the same innovative approach to design as all our Leadcom products. But Lifan has one compelling difference – these solutions are made for work. While our auditorium, cinema and travel seating solutions focus on relaxation, Lifan is built for healthy employees and productive workplaces. And by understanding how workspaces continue to change, Lifan is redefining the way in which people work. Lifan creates spaces that foster inspiration and encourage collaboration. Lifan continually pushes what’s possible, such as with height-adjustable tables that switch between seating and standing positions, so users can go from delivering a lecture, to welcoming customers into reception. Lifan’s modular, mobile approach to workplace solutions means that meeting room configurations can flex and fit to your needs, according to the meeting structure and number of attendees.

From workstations and training tables onto accessories, Lifan balances contemporary aesthetics with versatile, practical design features.So while you know Leadcom, it may be time to meet Lifan. Explore Lifan workplace solutions now–

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